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XIX-century English Pub and Eating House

“Civilised and friendly stripped-stone pub with enjoyable food and good wine choice.” by The Good Pub Guide

No Pub No Rent


We have all been asked a question: “What will you drink when pubs reopen?”

The question is not what will you drink when pubs re-open? The question is whether pubs will be able to re-open?

STAR PUBS AND BARS that is part of HEINEKEN are demanding rent from us for the last 13 weeks since the lockdown and the foreseeable future.

We, over the years, by dint of hard and imaginative work, have contributed to Star Pubs and Bars / Heineken profits (Heineken made over £2 billion net profit in the last financial year) and yet they seek to reward us by driving us to the verge of bankruptcy.

We believe no rent is owed while the pubs are illegal to operate.

We obey the Government’s strictures to close our business. Admiral Taverns, Shepherd Neame, Fuller’s, Young’s and eleven other pubcos recognise the financial implications of this and do the honourable thing by cancelling all rent obligations. Why can’t Star Pubs and Bars follow their example?

What they are seeking to do may, strictly, be within the law, but it is, plainly, outside the boundaries of any definition of morality.

Please sign and share this petition among your followers and friends.

“We all in this together!”

Thank you for your messages of support and we hope to see you soon when we re-open.

Monday - Tuesday
Lunch (12 noon to 1:45 pm)

Dinner (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm)

Thursday - Saturday
Lunch (12 noon to 1:45 pm)

Dinner (6:30 pm to 8:45 pm)

Lunch (12 noon to 1:45 pm)
Dinner closed

Closed Wednesdays, Sunday evenings, bank holiday evenings, Christmas Day evening and Boxing Day.

If you would like to book the Oxford Arms for a group of 20 or more for a private dining on a Wednesday, please give us a call to specify all the details.

NB! Please note that The Oxford Arms is suitable for over 12 y.o. only.

Opening Hours Update:

You are always welcome at the Oxford Arms...

During lockdown we have been welcoming customers old and new through our "Eat Out at Home" service and this will continue for the time being. Many people have enjoyed being able to order from our menu and have said they want us to keep it up - so we are doing just that!

While we want nothing more than to open the doors and have a busy pub once again, we also value the health and safety of our customers and staff. For this reason, we do not plan to reopen this week, but  will keep the situation under review and will let you know when the big day is on the horizon!

In the meantime, we would love to see and speak to you in person (give us a call and try out the take away menu) and also on social media. If you've not been following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you will need to catch up - we have been on BBC TV and national radio!

Thank you for your phenomenal support!


COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS AT THE OXFORD ARMS: Please read a message from Bryn Jones 


The Oxford Arms is an award-winning XIX century dining pub in Oxfordshire run by chef patron Bryn Jones since 2003.

We serve good, honest food with a minimum of fuss and maximum flavour.

The menu changes seasonably with daily specials to use even more local produce (some of the ingredients are from our organic Kitchen Garden and Kirtlington village itself).

Our real log fire will keep you warm in winter and our beautiful garden patio will keep you cool during hot summer days.

You will be looked after from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.


The Oxford Arms
Troy Lane

Phone : +44(0)1869 350208

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